Chess players in Fortitude Valley

What is the Indirect Approach? Well, I first need to tell you a story…

It was a bright and bustling Sunday morning at the Fortitude Valley Markets.

The social chess scene was friendly but competitive, the passers-by an eclectic mix of everyday Brisbanites, families, singles and couples. They were going about their business mostly just passing through, some stopping by to get food or drinks, others staying to watch the live music or browse items at the local market stalls.

I’d finished a game of chess and was waiting for another opponent to show up. My eyes drifted across to the local book stall nearby…

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Archery target

It’s common for people to look at their goals at the end or the start of each New Year. At some point in the past many of us have also set a New Year’s resolution to improve our health, earn more money or improve our relationships. However, irrespective of the time of year it is for you now, if you don’t have any goals at the moment or can’t remember the last time you looked at setting some then this post is especially for you…

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